Progress and Goals

Weight Loss Progress and Goals:

  • Highest Weight: 268 pounds
  • Current Weight: 230 pounds
  • Goal Weight: 140 pounds

Body Fat Percentage Progress and Goals:

  • Highest Body Fat Percentage: 45% 
  • Current Body Fat Percentage: 40%
  • Goal Body Fat Percentage: 20%

Clothing Progress and Goals:

  • Largest Pants Size: 24
  • Current Pants Size: 16
  • Goal Pants Size: 5
  • Largest Shirt Size: XXL
  • Current Shirt Size: L
  • Goal Shit Size: S

Running Progress and Goals:

  • Beginning Fastest Mile: 14:30 mins/mile
  • Current Fastest Mile: 11:24 mins/mile
  • Goal Fastest Mile: 9:00 mins/mile
  • Run a Mile without stopping
  • Run a 5K without stopping
  • Run a 10K race
  • Run a 10K without stopping
  • Run a half marathon
  • Run a marathon

Run a 5K Every Month in 2013:

Strength Progress and Goals:

  • Goal: 10 full pushups on toes
  • Goal: 1 pull-up
  • Goal: back squat body weight
  • Goal: do a Rx CrossFit WOD
  • (more to come as I determine where I currently stand with strength training)

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